Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Sentiments

The Olympics are always an exciting event to witness. As a testament to the jubilant attitude surrounding The Games, we received this message along with a photo of one of our factory suppliers who produce Rosanna in China:

Dear All,

The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing today, all Chinese people are excited.

In order to celebrate this important day, our whole department took photos together.

Here, I send you picture to share our joy with you!

I love this photo of everyone decked out in the Chinese colors of yellow and red. I think it says a great deal about our global community. It gives a human face and feel to a country which is so often misunderstood, and as a result, maligned. This photo sheds light on the people of China. Their pride at being part of the global community through their enthusiastic hosting of the 2008 Games (did anyone see that opening ceremony??) is so evident. It's a photo that goes a small ways towards showing that we are one world. It is exactly what The Games were created to do: break down barriers and bring us all closer together.