Friday, March 5, 2010

Traditions Winners

Thank you all for participating in my first blog giveaway! It was such a treat to read your traditions. I had a difficult time choosing just we have a Grand Prize winner that will receive an autographed copy of Coming Home & Gelato. And 3 honorable mentions that will receive a copy of Coming Home.

CONGRATULATIONS to Gina...our Grand Prize winner! I love this idea of capturing a moment in the life of a child. The ritual is poignant. It is a significant gesture in the history of a family.

Gina's post: Love everything Rosanna .... am waiting to get my hands on your book! One of our family traditions is to create a time capsule when each of us turn 10 and open it with your child when they turn 10 (and create their time capsule.) The moments and memories this has created cannot be described. I still remember creating my time capsule and opening my moms. My daughter turned 10, 2 years ago and we did this - its an awesome moment with memories that will always be cherished. xoxo Gina

Runner Ups:

Diana (Diane) Maria's post: Whenever a girl in our family enters 'womanhood', all of the women in our family of every generation takes her out to celebrate at a favorite restaurant. It is a grand event in which all of the women and girls participate. At the most recent celebration, the ages ranged from 6 months to 77 years old. (Some of us travel great distances to attend.) The tradition started with my great great grandmother and continues on. No female in our family has ever crossed that threshold without having experienced a huge celebration.

Diana (Diane) Maria - I grew up in a family of girls. We had strong women as role models. This ritual demonstrates the power of women in the cycle of life. A fabulous tradition.

StunningAnnaK's post: When I was small my mother would collect all the tubes from toilet paper and paper towel. As the holidays would come around we would decorate them with the theme of the season. Using construction paper, pipe cleaners and whatever else we thought was appropriate my younger sister and I would create seasonally themed decorations. To this day I still get calls when my mother is unpacking the "toilet tube pilgrims" and the "toilet tube Santa's." It is great to see how we progressed in our creativity over the well as how our craft improved!

StunningAnnaK - Being creative and using simple items that are normally thrown away gives meaning to the celebration of daily life. Great idea and wonderfully sweet tradition to share with children.

Rocky's post: Growing up, our family would have Sunday supper once a month at my grandmother's house. It wasn't to celebrate a holiday or birthday, just to celebrate family. And we always left with a coffee tin full of grandma's cookies!

Rocky - I also left my grandma's house with candies and treats gathered together in a big paper napkin. When you bring away a part of a tradition you are celebrating your connection with that person. What a wonderful connection and ritual to share with your grandmother. Food is love.

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