Friday, September 12, 2014

Announcing the Winners of Our 8th Annual Tablescape Contest!

I'm so excited to announce the winners of our 8th Annual Tablescape Contest! Before I do, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who entered for your efforts and for sharing your creativity with us. It has been a true pleasure to see all your gorgeous work and to hear your inspiring stores.

As always, it was very difficult to choose winners among the dozens and dozens of entries received. So this year, I’ve decided to award a number of Honorable Mention prizes as well. (Please stay tuned for the announcements of these awards very soon!) And now --- we are thrilled to share with you our winners and their stories.

1st Place Winner - Nazra Knutsen - Seattle, WA 

Nazra, congratulations on a fantastic job! I love how you create such loving and fun traditions for your daughters and nieces. Your tables are not only beautiful but also offer your family whimsical and playful experiences. You are making cherished memories that your girls and nieces will remember their whole lives! I also love how you've creatively used repurposed items on your tables with thrift store finds. -- Rosanna

Nazra's Story
Hello! My name is Nazra...and I absolutely LOVE Rosanna products! (Especially cake stands!) I live in Seattle and am actually working up a portfolio so I can take my passion of party styling into something more of a business.  I am submitting dessert tables that I've done for my own two little girls. A lot of what I'm inspired by comes from try and create magical whimsical moments and memories of them feeling special by what they see and feel!

My first tablescape below is one I set up in our dining room the night before my daughter's birthday so when she woke up - SURPRISE!! ...she'd know it was HER special day! Her cousins and a few friends came over to help celebrate her birthday morning! Everyone came in their jammies and helped themselves to the cereal/breakfast bar!  I love being an inspiration to others...and pretty party tables don't necessarily have to be expensive! Everything but the Rosanna cake stands and the paper/plastic products on the table I found thrifting. I love using old and new with a hint of homemade ~ as you'll see in the rest of my entries here too!

This next dessert table was for my youngest girl who turned ONE in February! We love BlaBla dolls and she got her very first one for her first birthday! I was inspired by all their cozy knit colors and actually used one of the rattles for the cake topper!! I handmade the giant yarn poms and of course put the little balloons together. The (two) Rosanna cake stands I used for this table were perfect! As well as the vintage tin lid - to display the donuts - which brought a little pop of color to the table! Cake was made by Butter and Bloom in Seattle!

The tablescape below was for my two nieces and daughter that turned 2, 3, and 4 within a few months of each other. We celebrated their birthdays with a Lemonade Stand/Picnic in the park...and of COURSE had to have a dessert table!! I actually thrifted every piece and my brother-in-law made the awesome stand. I handmade the fabric flowers, and cakes for this one! It was a lot of work - but SO worth seeing the smiles on the birthday girls' faces!!

2nd Place Winner - Kahly Berg - Woodinville, WA

Kahly, congratulations on your recent nuptials! As an Oregonian myself, I love how you incorporated the quintessential elements of the Pacific Northwest into your wedding reception! The use of reclaimed timber for the cupcake and cake pops pedestals give an elegant but rustic feel to your beautiful dessert table. I also like how you created the fun s'mores table which gives a nod to one of Oregonians favorite past times -- camping. Your wooden fish-shaped labels for the desserts tie delightfully into your fly-fishing theme. Very creative and original! -- Rosanna

Kahly's Story
Hello, I'm Holly and I'm submitting the dessert tables at one of my best friend’s wedding. The bride, Kahly Berg, actually designed the table and wooden stands for her fly-fishing themed wedding down in Camp Sherman, OR. The wedding venue was nestled alongside the beautiful Metolius River. The bride’s sister traveled down from Woodinville with all of her home-baked and decorated sweet treats. While the tablescape is simple, in my opinion in remains elegant and reflective of the newlyweds passions and attention to detail. On the second dessert table, they even set up a table with s’mores fixings, including elevated burners in rock beds and roasting sticks for the guests to toast their home-made marshmallows on.

3rd Place Winner - Annabella Chiocco - Seattle, WA

Annabella, I love how you are sharing your amazing baking talents with your family and friends, as well as for charity. Creating meaning holiday traditions is so important for our children to have a happy life and to strengthen family bonds. Making the beautiful desserts to help your daughter's school shows your daughter how we can use our time and talents to give back to our community. I truly appreciate your being a Rosanna fan and using so many of our pedestals in your tablescapes. Your desserts and presentations are beautiful! -- Rosanna

Annabella's Story
Ever since my daughter was born, Easter has been a staple celebration in our home. Originally, I started small with just a select few friends and family. The plates were simple, the dishes were homely and the celebration was quaint. Over time, it became a special way to show my friends and family what I was working on throughout the year--the specialty desserts and cupcakes I make through my business Sprinkles & Sweets. Soon, the plates were more elaborate, yet still retained their homely beginnings, and the dessert table became the centerpiece of my Easter brunch.

This year, I opted for a simple dessert table and I placed it outside to enjoy the open and blue skies that are longed for in Seattle. My table included individual Vanilla Panna Cotta in ceramic cups covered with Sugar Straw and small candied chocolate ‘rabbit’ eggs, a four tiered Chocolate Cake covered with homemade Salted Caramel Marshmallow Icing, and the centerpiece was a delectable Carrot Cake Basket topped with Sugar Straw and covered entirely with small Individual Sugar Flowers.

For my second tablescape entry, I am sharing the dessert dash fundraiser for my daughter's school. What started as a way to fulfill our obligation for school volunteer hours, soon became my premier event!

Each year, my daughter’s school would ask me for help on planning and preparing for the annual auction to raise much needed money to pay down the school’s debt. After attending a different event fundraiser and experiencing a “dessert dash,” I immediately thought to do the same at our school’s annual fundraiser.

Before I could even start on the first request, the orders just kept coming. I took this photo on the afternoon of the event when I was getting several orders ready for delivery. My display includes a moist Tres Leches Cake topped with fresh strawberries and peaches, a decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake covered with Toasted Coconut shavings, a New York Style Cheesecake topped with Salted Caramel, several presentations of assorted Italian Petifores, a very special Pecan German Chocolate Cake, an Old Fashion Coconut Crème Cake, a Raspberry Chocolate Torte and last, but not least, a Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse cake with fresh berries and Swiss Chocolate Ganache.

Again, a big congratulations to Nazra, Kahly, and Annabella--our winners!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Squeeze Summer to the Last Drop

Today marks back-to-school and back-to-work.  Parents and children return from their vacation reluctantly, sporting golden tans developed over the course of a long, carefree summer, resigned to the fact that it's time to re-enter the world of responsibility and adhere to the structured schedules of school and work. No matter that this happens every year, the abrupt change in season never fails to prompt a cascade of shoulder shrugs.
As much as I enjoy fall after it arrives, I squeeze summer to the last drop. With 3 more weeks of summer left, there’s still time to take mini-breaks or day trips with your family during the beginning of the school year . If you can, try to schedule some special time to visit a favorite place that will give you that last hit of summer. These mini-vacations renew the spirit and help us keep our families united before the mad dash on fall activities, and they create memories of well-being for us to draw upon during the hectic months ahead. 

For our last shot of summer, my family goes to the Oregon coast. We pick wild blackberries for pie, stroll through the antique malls and farmer's markets, and make delicious meals from local, fresh ingredients found at the farmer’s market. It's a lovely way to begin the fall with grace and ease.

My family's end-of-summer retreat, our home on the Oregon Coast.

Some of the many fresh offerings at a local farmer's market in Oregon.

Enjoying some wild blackberry pie!

Remember, summer doesn't officially end until September 22nd. So, enjoy every moment you have left!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tabletop Props: Happy Hour at Home

Happy hour at home can be just as much fun as going out with festive, cocktail-inspired serving pieces and barware. Just add some easy snacks and stiff cocktails and the fun will take care of itself. Check out our Pinterest page for appetizer and beverage ideas.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sneak Peek at Rosanna Holiday 2014 Collection!

Make Everyone on Your List Happy This Holiday!  Give Gifts That Bring Great Cheer to Every Corner of the Home. 

While summer is heating up, here at Rosanna we’re already thinking about the holidays! We’re pleased to share with you this sneak peek of our new Holiday 2014 collection. Perhaps thinking about the holidays will help you melt away this summer heat and have you dreaming about gifts under the Christmas tree!

Highlights of our Holiday 2014 Collection are our ultra-sophisticated La Cité in 24k gold and our elegant Botanica featuring antique English botanical prints. Both are sure to make memorable gatherings throughout the holidays. Taking center stage this season are decorative accent pieces that can be used throughout the home. Belle Boudoir, a collection featuring nostalgic fashion ephemera from New York and Paris, for example can go from table to living room to boudoir.  These pretty trays are ideal for holding jewelry, soap, makeup, appetizer s and more.

Our Holiday 2014 Collection takes the guesswork out of gift-giving with an array of personalized, playful and affordable pieces that are beautifully packaged. The individually boxed city Pennants make wonderful party favors, stocking stuffers, or hostess gifts. Foodies will also love Rosanna’s two new delicious Farm Belle jam and syrup flavors: Marionberry Pinot Noir or Raspberry Rhubarb. This scrumptious marriage of Oregon’s finest fresh picked berries and Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the perfect combination of sweet and slightly tart.

Want to see more of our Holiday 2014 collection? Click here to watch our new preview video on YouTube.

Hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks! Stay tuned for more details on our Holiday 2014 Collection. We'll let you know when and where these products will be available.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Announcing Rosanna's 8th Annual Tablescape Contest--Dessert Tables!

Show us your sweetest dessert-themed tablescape for a chance to win a Rosanna gift certificate!

Summer is here, which means it's time for Rosanna's Eighth Annual Tablescape Contest! This year, use your imagination and inner designer to create a one-of-a-kind dessert-themed table. Your tablescape could be for a specific event, or simply just because. Get creative and show us how you like to display your favorite treats and sweets.

Incorporating Rosanna pieces is encouraged but not required, but please remember to share your story/inspiration behind your design. Rosanna will personally choose winners, so join in for your chance to win a $500 Rosanna gift certificate, and to be featured on our blog and social media sites.

1st Place: $500 Rosanna gift certificate 
2nd Place: $200 Rosanna gift certificate
3rd Place: $100 Rosanna gift certificate


  1. Anyone with a passion for Rosanna-ware and tablescape design is welcome to compete, regardless of age. Show us your sweetest dessert-themed tablescape for a chance to win a Rosanna gift certificate up to $500! 
  2.  No actual food or Rosanna products are required.
  3. Gift certificates are good towards retail purchases only
  4. Contest ends August 31st, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST
  5. Submit up to 2 photos of your tablescape and the story/inspiration behind your design. Digital submissions must come as jpegs, around 4x5 inches, no less than 72 ppi and no more than 180 ppi.
  6. When entering, make sure to include your name, city, and an email or phone number where we can reach you. We respect your privacy and will not give out any of your information.
  7. Photos in hard copy will not be returned.
  8. Rosanna Inc. reserves the right to use and/or publish photos of your tablescape submissions however we see fit. Photos may be published on social media sites. Publishing does not necessarily constitute a winning entry. By submitting your photo, you agree to these terms.
  9. Please email all entries to
  10. Mailed entries should be sent to:
    Rosanna Inc.
    Attn: Tablescape Contest
    6755 East Marginal Way South
    Building B
    Seattle, WA, 98108

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How To Set A Mix & Match Table!

When people ask about the “proper” way to set a table, I find myself saying the same thing every time: when it comes to table setting, there are no more rules.

This fact is both liberating and daunting. If the sky’s the limit, where do you start?

My advice is simple: mix and match. It’s probably no surprise to find out I have a large collection of porcelain and ceramics. I love to showcase the breadth of my collection by combining different pieces in one tablescape.

Using the Rosanna design Rue du Bac as the basis of my palette, here are six mix and match tablescapes I hope will inspire you.

After you’ve chosen one pattern around which to build your tablescape, look in your own collection to see if you have any pieces that play on the colors in your base dishes.


In this case, the burnished silver of the napkin ring and flatware pull the eye back to the driftwood-colored background of Rue du Bac. In fact, a driftwood arrangement scattered through with tealights would make a lovely centerpiece for this table.

You can also design a tablescape that plays on the pattern of the plates, like this:

The textures of these two chargers make the 1-dimenstional pattern on the Rue du Bac appetizers plates pop off the field.

You can also experiment with surprising yet complimentary colors:

Lastly, you can layer in eclectic or antique pieces to create a conversation between contemporary and vintage designs:

The flowered plate is a Limoges pattern from France. The plate picturing the woman is a rustic ceramic set I found in a flea market in the Umbrian region of Italy. 

As you set your table, think about colors, patterns, and shapes that are complimentary, and about those that provide contrast. Survey your own dish collection and decide whether pursuing contrast or compliment will create the most unique and cohesive look.

Be creative and have fun! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dining Al Fresco!

Now that summer is here, it’s time to take advantage of the balmy weather and spend as much time as we can outside—including mealtime.

If you have a beautiful garden or deck space, these are the first spaces you should go for dining al fresco.

If you don’t, seek out a nearby green space. Neighborhood parks and arboretums are great options. Here in Seattle, some of my favorite spaces are Gasworks Park

  and The Japanese Gardens.

Another place you might consider for a picnic is your local college campus. Universities often maintain gorgeous green spaces. Summertime, when most students have left and campus is quiet and empty, is the ideal moment to enjoy these beautiful public spaces.

This is Seattle’s gorgeous University of Washington campus:

When mid summer hits, it’s broiling hot, and the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven or stove, consider making meals that require just a little bit of assembly.

At home, make a big salad with seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, carrots, and green onions. At your favorite deli or market, buy a roast chicken or some good quality cold cuts.

To complete the menu, pre-make iced tea. Set aside some of the brew and freeze it into iced tea ice cubes, which you can add to the pitcher when you’re ready to enjoy the drink with your meal.

 Or, make Sangria with seasonal fruit for a refreshing option that’s a little more festive.

Now, you have a complete, low-stress, easy meal to take outside.

Enjoy. And don’t forget the sunscreen!