Friday, October 16, 2015

A Note From A Rosanna Fan!

I love hearing from customers about how they first starting collecting our products and seeing pictures of their favorite products.  I just received this nice note and picture from Rosanna Fernelius, last week's Freebie Friday giveaway winner, holding the first Rosanna piece given to her by her mother years ago.

Hello Rosanna,

I’m so excited to be the Freebie Friday winner of the Leave Green dishes!! I received my first Rosanna piece from my mom as a graduation gift from high school.  She thought it was cool that my name is also Rosanna and is spelled the same, which is very unique.

As the years went by others noticed this same similarity and got them for me as gifts. One day on the way to a Seattle Mariners baseball game my husband and I drove by a warehouse in Seattle that said “Rosanna” on the building.  So later I looked it up on the Internet, and sure enough it was your company.  How amazing is that? Not only do we have the same name, it's spelled the same, and the warehouse is located near my hometown. Now that's pretty cool!

I love Rosanna dishes and use them a lot for special occasions. 

Just had to share and say thanks,

Rosanna Fernelius
From Arlington WA

We'd love to hear from more of our fans. Please send your pictures and stories to so we can share them too.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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