Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Travel The World From The Comfort Of Your Home

Although it is spring break season, you may not be able to get away from it all.  That doesn't mean you can't pretend to walk the beaches of your favorite coast or stroll down villas of far-away lands with travel-themed home decor.

From across the country to around the world, travel the world from the comfort of your home with these 7 inspired ideas that are sure to satisfy your wanderlust.

The new Rosanna Come Fly With Me collection conjures the glamour and excitement of retro travel with images from vintage vacation brochures touting exotic locales.  From your office desk to your bedroom side table, you are never far from your dream vacation.

In My Own Style renovated her mudroom to reflect a Grand Central Station feel.  Decorating with clocks is a great idea to keep you on track when contacting family members and friends living in different time zones.

Ki Nassauer shares with Worthpoint how she created shelves in her living room using discarded vintage suitcases.

I love to use my vintage suitcases for entertaining; they add visual interest to items that may get lost on a busy table.  You may not have to look far to find your own, there may be a treasure trove in a forgotten corner.  This one traveled with grandma as she moved across the Western seaboard in the 40's and 50's.

The Voyage collection explores the bygone days of international travel with porcelain trays showcasing ephemera found by Rosanna around the world. Newly found vintage ephemera from Europe and the USA have expanded the collection, creating a modern take on times gone by.

Each of Pottery Barn Teen's pillow covers are delightfully detailed with dream destinations from LA to London, Boston to Barcelona.

Your travel inspirations aren't limited to home decor; the Rosanna Totes are market chic, both playful and refined, and designed to remind us of life's lovelier moments, like traveling to idyllic locales from Paris to Tuscany. They are perfect for a trip to your local farmer's markets to pick up seasonal flowers, local produce and freshly baked goods.

What type of travel-themed items do you like to use in  your home decor?

Dawn Smith (Guest Blogger) 
Creative Director

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Egg Dyeing 101

easter eggs

Eggs have long been a symbol for rebirth and fertility. What better way to celebrate Spring than with dyeing beautiful Easter eggs to share with friends and family? Read on for my simple egg dyeing tips to ensure your Easter festivities go off without a hitch!

Instead of hard-boiling the eggs, I like to blow them out before dyeing. You can save the eggs after the holiday and use them next year for decorations to hang from branches or displayed together in a bowl.

easter eggs
1. Blow out the eggs. To empty the raw egg, use a small, sharp knife to pierce both ends of the egg with small holes. Next, poke a pin through the larger of the holes and stir the yolk. Hold the egg, larger hole down, over a bowl, and blow the contents out. This can be done using a rubber ear syringe to make things easier.

2. Prep your dyeing area. Put down newspaper on your counter or table to protect the surface from dyes. Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar and about 20 drops food coloring in 1 cup of hot water. Make sure to use bowls deep enough to completely submerge your eggs.

3. Begin dyeing! Using metal tongs, carefully dip each egg into the bowl of dye. For deeper colors, leave the eggs in longer. To make two-color eggs, dye the entire egg first, let dry, and then dip half the egg into a darker color.

4. Let the eggs dry.

Once you have the basics of egg dyeing down, you can try different techniques to make some unique eggs.
  • Before dyeing the eggs, draw patterns or shapes on the shell with crayons or a small candle. The dye won't adhere to the wax and your patterns and shapes will shine through!
  • Cut a sponge into small cubes and sponge paint the dye onto the egg shells.
  • Create ombre eggs by letting the eggs submerge in dye for different periods of time, from a few minutes to longer.
  • Make speckled eggs by dipping a clean, dry toothbrush in acrylic paint and dotting the paint onto already dyed eggs.

easter eggs

Use your creativity and make sure to have fun! This is an excellent afternoon activity for children, as well. If you decide to use hard-boiled eggs, remember to throw them out after a few days or eat them as a protein-packed snack!

Have a lovely Easter everyone!