Monday, January 14, 2008

The Benefits of a Morning Walk

Every morning after I get Francesca off to school, I take some time for myself to start the day with a walk through the neighborhood. I cherish this part of my day and consider it a vital part of my daily routine. Taking a walk is simple and good for the soul. Much like yoga, it allows me to center my thoughts, energize my body, and set my intention for the day.

The best part about this routine is that it can be carried in any corner of the world in which you find yourself. Unlike going to the gym or taking a fitness class in a studio, getting outside exposes you to the natural world, which is very important for those of us who spend the rest of our days indoors. Because I'm fortunate enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, some days I am treated to truly spectacular panoramas offset by Lake Washington, the Cascade Mountain Range, and Mount Rainier.

However, the thing that I most enjoy about my walks is the opportunity to connect with my neighbors. In a world in which we find ourselves increasingly isolated from each other, it is wonderful to be able to still engage with the people with whom I share a living space. We have small conversations and share our lives with each other. As human beings, we are naturally social creatures, and interaction with others is a surprisingly effective way of boosting my energy and elevating my mood.

Walks are how I choose to stimulate my mind and body. I encourage you to try it and enjoy the results.

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