Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rosanna's Bi-Annual Warehouse Sale

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th - 9am to 5pm

It's time once again for Rosanna's fabulous Bi-Annual Warehouse Sale. This year their are more exciting finds then ever, and we are looking forward to catching up with you all. We only open our door two days per year, so take full advantage and stock up.

440 South Holgate Street Seattle, WA 98134 (between 4th and 6th Ave)

*Bring Cash! Visa/MC for purchases over $50 only.

*Do not line up more then one hour prior to opening doors.

*Do not park at the Goodwill Outlet. There is on street parking and
parking across Holgate Street in the gravel lot. You will be able to
pull your car up to our door for loading only.

*No small children,

*All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.

We will be collecting canned food for Northwest Harvest. There are so
many families in need this year, please bring what you can.



  1. Rosanna, Rosanna ! I can't believe I stumbled upon your blog !
    You are like a ROCK STAR to me.
    I love your designs... I bought a simple coffee mug at Starbucks 14 years ago...and STILL USE it to this day. It's "Mommy's Cup"... ! I'm actually drinking my morning coffee in it as I type ! It's even featured on my blog post on coffee :) I'm excited to see there is a website of your things.
    I'll have to post them on my blog !
    You're fabby Rosanne !!
    Here it is...remember this cup ?


  2. Discovered you through an mention of your appetizer plates in Parents magazine. I would love to blog about your collections, especially since we are in the same area, and I love to do local shout-outs. May I use your photos?

  3. Loooove your designs (funny how I would see your work here and there, not knowing it all was YOU but knowing I loved it) and recently bought an initial coffee cup (and one for a friend) and found your website via the romance card.

    Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts with the world :)

  4. I just left the warehouse "sale." I was really disappointed to see how much your prices had increased.

  5. Too bad I'm not so previleged to attend one your warehouse sales because of my location. I would've loved it.

    UK's search & save shopping