Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crispy Kale

Alessandra brought this recipe home from college. It was an instant success— everyone’s favorite new way to eat kale!

I love this preparation because it is absolutely delicious, different and healthy. It’s also unbelievable how good it tastes considering how easy it is to make.

1 or 2 bunches of Purple or Curly-Leafed Kale (this is the ruffly kind, but any type will work)
olive oil
sea salt
spices of your choice

1. Wash kale and strip the leaves away from the tough ribs. You can either tear them off with your hands or use a sharp knife.
2. Loosely shred or chop the kale leaves into bit size chunks
3. Arrange in a baking dish. A cookie sheet will also work.
4. Drizzle kale with olive oil (you don’t need much) and sprinkle with sea salt. (Add your other favorite spices if you want a specific flavor. My family likes spicy Italian pepperoncino flakes. Curry, cumin, or miso paste are other options.)
5. Leave kale in the oven until crispy. About 15-20 minutes depending on the amount. Check on the kale once or twice, turning over with a spatula.

Crispy kale makes a great side dish for dinner, but also works as an appetizer. It’s easiest to eat the chip-like kale flakes with your hands. Alessandra tells me she’s made this dish on numerous occasions and won over even avowed kale skeptics.

Bon Appetito!


*photo courtesy of Daily Fill blog

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