Monday, August 16, 2010

The American Way

The United States amazes me. Especially after spending time in two cities with major significance in American history, Charleston, SC and Providence, RI. For me, part of getting to truly know a new place means learning as much as I can about the history of the area. By learning about the history of Charleston and Providence, I also learned quite a bit about the character of the people who made the dream of a new nation into a reality.
From an early age, we are told about the bravery, determination and integrity of our founders. But it all felt distant to me until I saw the places that connect with the stories and the landmarks that still exist today. I was humbled by the work ethic and the initiative it took to found a new society and to forge a set of values from which a country could be built. Now, I see even more clearly that these values are still present in American society today.
The recession forced us to return to these values in order to stay afloat. But for these values and for the rich history of a young nation with so far yet to go, I am filled with gratitude and admiration for the American way.

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