Friday, November 2, 2012

Falling for Pumpkins with Girly Obsessions

I've teamed up with Girly Obsessions again! This month I'm guest-blogging about my current Fall obsessions, and Girly Obsessions' is writing all about pumpkins! Take a look!

Hi everyone, it's Ashley here again from! I don't know about you, but this Fall has been flying by! October came and went in the blink of an eye and now we're in November, with the oranges of Halloween shifting into the browns and reds (and sparkles) of the upcoming holidays.

One of my favorite seasonal activities is taking a drive through the foliage to a local farm for apple and pumpkin picking. (I'm obsessed with all things pumpkin!) There is one in particular I go to every Fall after Hugh Jackman was spotted there a years ago. But, unfortunately, I never see him. Sigh. And this year my husband and I were about three weeks too late for picking anything, but luckily the farm had plenty of pre-picked stock for us to choose from! (By the way, I made sure to bring along my latest bag obsession, my Ink Blot Tote! It's light and roomy and perfect carrying all my fall goodies!)

So after leaving with a bag full of apples and mini pumpkins, and a few colorful mums, I came home to decorate for the season. Better late than never, right? And there is no reason the stash of mini pumpkins you bought need to be tossed out with the candy wrappers! They totally work as seasonal decor well into Thanksgiving. And one easy way to make them last, especially when they start getting a little funky, is to make them sparkle. A little glitter makes anything better, don't you think?

This is a very simple project that requires three things: a pumpkin, decoupage glue, and glitter. I used a combination of fine textured glitter in smoky quartz and onyx along with a coarse gold glitter. But the beauty of this project is you can use any color or texture glitter you like to match your style.

First, brush on the glue and then (generously) sprinkle on the glitter. I would do half the pumpkin, rest it on its side to dry, and then finish the other half. Then once it's dry, repeat the glue and glitter process to get full coverage. Finally, once the second coat is dry, add one last coat of glue to seal it all in. And then done! You now have sparkly pumpkins that will add an element of rustic elegance to your home for the holidays.

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