Monday, January 21, 2013

Cocoon at Home


Winter can be a challenging time. It's important to keep the body warm and the spirit uplifted. Make an effort to keep out the cold that can enter the body and spirit during these chilly months.

When the days are cold and gray, taking on additional tasks can seem daunting. I dread leaving the office to travel home in the dark. Once home, though, I like to light candles and make myself a cup of English Breakfast Tea. I change into warm, comfortable clothes - like my favorite cashmere socks - and begin to shift gears and go into cocooning mode.


I begin by cooking dinner for my family. One of my favorite meals to serve during the cold months is homemade chicken soup. It's easy, and doesn't require much thought after a draining day. I serve the soup with crusty bread and a rich red wine. My family loves this meal. In one bowl we find the perfect combination of ingredients for warming our bodies and restoring our spirits after a long day of school and work.

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Another way I stay warm is to drink hot beverages throughout the day. Sipping a great cup of coffee, a fine tea, or a treat like hot cocoa - and taking a moment to truly appreciate it - can give the body an instant and much-needed lift on a bone-chilling day. Another trick I learned from my mother is to drink a mug of warm water. As she always told me, "Drinking hot water is like taking a bath inside your body." The water cleanses your system, moving out toxins and providing a sense of refreshment without caffeine or sugar.

While you're cocooning and staying snug indoors, don't forget to venture out into the sunlight as often as possible. Even if the temperatures are low, light itself - especially natural light - is essential to keeping out moods bright.

Stay cozy!


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