Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tabletop Props: An impromptu dinner party

Sometimes all you need is a laid-back, fun night with your girlfriends. If time is short, there's no need to worry! One of our favorite ways to throw an impromptu dinner party is to make a quick stop at your local farmers market. They will almost always have everything you need to put together a customized, local, healthy meal. Plus, becoming a regular at the market is a great way to get involved with your community and support the local vendors. Here are some items that are repeatedly on our shopping list:

Fruit: You can't beat Fall's fruit selection. Markets offer a multitude of grapes, pears, apples, and more. They go well with most other finger foods and are great palette cleansers!

Cheese: Exploring the flavors of local cheese companies is a great way to learn about the varieties of different cheeses. Try a different kind every time!

Mixed nuts: Here in the Northwest, we are in a prime location for nuts (especially hazelnuts!). Most nut vendors will offer many varieties including roasted, smoky, and flavored kinds.

Beverages: Support your local brewers by purchasing a growler of craft beer or even hard cider! Most vendors at the market will have an option to purchase a refillable bottle or growler that you can then bring back for a refill at your convenience.

Seasonal decorations: No matter what the season, farmers markets offer wonderful ways to decorate your home with local foliage and hand-crafted artisan decor. For our fall table decorations we like mini white pumpkins and of course a gorgeous, bountiful bouquet!

Top it all off with some fabulous serving pieces and your girls night is ready to begin!

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