Monday, June 16, 2014

Girls' Night In!

Sometimes, the perfect way to have fun and feel connected with your girlfriends is to have a girls’ night in.

Instead of putting on your favorite outfit, settle in together to watch your favorite chick flick (or TV show…my girlfriends and I adore Downtown Abbey).

Instead of gourmet cocktails, set out an array gourmet food women love—great quality red, white, or sparkling wine accompanied by delicious crackers and rich cheeses and a big, fresh salad followed by very special chocolate and fruit at the peak of the season.

Rather than wine, you could also pick one fun cocktail to prepare for the group. In the summer, I love bellinis—fresh peach puree mixed with champagne—and in the winter I savor expertly made hot toddies—with good cognac, cloves, cinnamon, and a lemon rind.

I love the way an intimate home setting and small number of friends gives rise to higher quality conversation and deeper connections. Next time you’re planning a get together with your nearest and dearest, instead of going out, consider staying in.

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