Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5 Last-Minute Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas!

If you're hosting Thanksgiving you may be starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all there is to still get done before the big day--last-minute shopping, cooking and cleaning the house. Often the table--especially the centerpiece--gets overlooked as time runs short.

I'd like to pass along these simple ideas on how to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table in minutes. These fresh centerpieces make the most of the rich colors of autumn and fruits of the harvest. And best of all--they can be achieved with a single trip to the grocery store and a little creativity. We think these centerpieces are so charming that your guests will never know they were put together just the day before.

Seasonal Abundance
Carve out the centers of  three acorn squashes and fill the space with florists' foam or a small vase and water. Place the acorn squashes on a pedestal cake plate, fill the openings of each with your favorite blooms from the florist, and surround with some pine cones from your yard.

Fruit and Greens
Place pears, clementines, pumpkins, grapes and leaves in a compote for a nature-inspired tabletop arrangement. Pictured is our Les Bon Bon Compote with Handles.

Naturally Simple
Traditional elements such as cranberries coupled with the warm glow of candles can also be a beautiful way to add style to your holiday meal. Select three festive glasses like these from our Luxe Moderne collection and insert a votive candle in each. Place the candles on top of a cake pedestal and fill in with fresh cranberries.

Autumn's Bounty

Squash, gourds, nuts and fall leaves form a pretty centerpiece that celebrates autumn's bounty. Pictured is our Les Bon Bon Compote with Handles.

Autumn Elegance
Fill a compote like our Les Bon Bon Footed Bowl with water-soaked florists' foam and add flowers from an already-made floral bouquet,  Or make up your own bouquet, Fall flowers in rich reds, orange, and golds create a welcoming autumn elegance in any dining room. 

Imagine your Thanksgiving table decorated with one of these beautiful centerpieces. I wish you and your family many wonderful memories of the holidays. Treasure the times you have together and create a legacy in your own home that will last a lifetime and maybe longer.

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