Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Pacific Northwest- A Lifelong Love Affair

As many of you who collect Rosanna already know, I find much of my inspiration for our collections in the rich history and soulfulness of Europe. Paris, London, and a number of locales in Italy provide me with a cornucopia of fresh material to fire the imagination.

However, while the allure of Europe lies in its years of deeply ingrained culture, I will always have a tender spot in my heart for the place I grew up- the Pacific Northwest.

Having just returned from a three week whirlwind Europe trip, that took my husband and I through Milan, Verona, Bath, London, and Paris, I suddently realized how much I missed the landscape of home.

I spent my childhood in Portland, Oregon and was exposed at an early age to the stunning beauty of the Oregon Coast. Then as an adult, I experienced the unique intersection of thriving nature and vibrant city life in Seattle, Washington, where my family and I currently reside.

Having traveled extensively over the years, I've come to appreciate the truly extraordinary intersection of natural beauty and city life that one finds only in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a remarkable city because it borders the Pacific Ocean, contains a gorgeous lake in the city proper, and is situated practically at the base of Mount Rainier; a mountain every bit as majestic as the famed Mount Olympus.

You would be hard-pressed to find another place in the United States with such a range of breathtaking geographic variation in such close proximity. When the relative youth of the Northwest region and its lack of history comes up in discussion, I like point out that while Rome may have the Pantheon and Paris the Eiffel Tower, we have our national monuments too- the mountains, the ocean, and the beautiful abundant greenery give the Pacific Northwest a mark of distinction that can be found nowhere else.

Here's to the Pacific Northwest!

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  1. Truly a glorious picture--I think it is cool how man's creations reflect the wonderul creative spirit that God has endowed to humans and a nature relects in even more grandeur the glory of God. Thanks for sharing that wonderful picture!!