Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Connections & Traditions In Every Dish

The message behind every Rosanna dish is the same: slow down, appreciate one another, connect.

Photos courtesy of John Granen Photography;
from Rosanna's book, Coming Home
Human beings hunger for connection. That’s why a moment of relation to another is often the most fulfilling moment of a day. Because moments make up our days, days make our years, and years make our lives, continually seeking out new ways to connect with each other is of vital importance to our happiness.

I designed the collections below to help with the creation of daily rituals, which in turn allow people to bring connection into everyday life.

Happy Birthday & Petite Treat Collections
Creating traditions around common celebrations is easy.  Taking the Happy Birthday plates out on each family member’s annual celebration creates a tradition, a memory.  They can provide the vehicle to that special feeling experienced when one knows something exciting is about to happen.  The festive Happy Birthday plates can become family heirlooms and continue the tradition throughout the generations.  Moreover, our individual cupcake pedestals provide a quirky twist to a birthday celebration, making the celebrant feel extraordinarily special.  Or just use them to serve chocolates or cookies---either way the recipients will smile.

But tradition and connection should be regular and frequent.  I created our Gelato ice cream bowls to encourage people to gather together for a special treat—even if for no particular reason or celebration. Because, let’s be honest, who can say no to ice cream? These bowls also encourage us to eat locally or freshly, providing an ideal way to serve pudding or fresh berries.

The amazing and vibrant produce of Pacific Northwest farmers’ markets inspired me to design our Farmer’s Market bowls emblazoned with images of fresh vegetables. Hopefully, the images will inspire you to visit your own local farmer’s market, or at least use some of these delicious ingredients to cook a healthy meal for family or friends.

The claim that we have “no time,” is heard in an almost constant refrain these days. People have to plan dinner parties three months out because we are so overscheduled.  I designed our Primavera tea set to fight back against this predicament. Hopefully, it will encourage people to spontaneously call up a friend and ask them over for a cup of tea and a chat.  Spontaneous gatherings can be so much more fulfilling and less pretentious.

Whether over tea, during dessert, or at the dinner table, these are dishes that encourage connection every day. I myself am a passionate advocate of family dinners, featuring a home cooked meal, nicely set table, candles, and pleasant music. Studies have shown that children who come from families that sit down for a dinner together are better adjusted emotionally and intellectually. So, even if it’s just once a week, set aside a little time to spend with your family. We love connection because it makes us feel so good, but nonetheless it remains elusive. We need to fight to keep it in our lives every day. These dishes are my small contribution to this incredibly important campaign.
Note:  For more information about creating your own traditions, living mindfully,
and many of Rosanna's recipes, check out her book,
"Coming Home: A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions."



  1. I adore your 'collections!' (And the book) Your crown bowls elevate
    my morning coffee ritual. They are currently
    featured in the latest Beautiful KITCHENS & Baths
    magazine via our cupboard. Love them. Thank you, Monica

  2. Hi Rosanna,

    I have ordered my Farmer's Market bowls and can't wait to receive them. I am searching now for the Primavera collection.

  3. Thank you for the nice comments. Donna, I hope you found the Primavera. If not, please visit www.rosannainc.com