Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bowl: A Vessel For Tradition

Bowls are among the oldest vessels found by archeologists, dating back thousands of years, and continue to be used daily across the globe, from morning meals through evening dinners.    Because bowls are the items we use most in the kitchen, I designed two sets of daily bowls, with the hopes that you could use these bowls to begin family traditions and rituals.
The Comfort Food Bowls Collection
The Comfort Food bowls are a hearty bowl, perfect for serving vegetables,  grains, popcorn, and everything from hot soups to ice cream without any worry of cracking or crazing.  They are made of a sturdy stoneware which is dishwasher and microwave safe, great for everyday family use.  The colors are rich, earth tones and remind us to eat healthy.

I designed the Comfort Food bowls while thinking about the Lentil Soup my mother used to make us from scratch when I was a child.  I felt my mother’s care and love each time she made the soup, as it warmed my body and my heart, and gave me proper nutrition. 

Fall temperatures are just around the corner, and most of us crave warm meals as the temperatures drop.  Use these bowls to start your own family tradition of a Soup Night, by making your own nutritious soup from scratch, and gathering the family around the table to share it. 

Another childhood tradition that I’ve carried on to my own children is Family Movie Night.   When I was younger, my grandmother would make popcorn the old fashioned way on the stove in a pan, while we watched a movie.  I wanted a bowl that was the perfect size and perfect portion for Family Movie Night with my daughters, so I created the Rosanna Bowls.  

The Rosanna Bowls Collection
The Rosanna Bowls can lead to a variety of family traditions—whether it is a Popcorn Night, Ice Cream Night, chips & salsa, berries, or another tasty snack—make a tradition around coming together as a family, eating healthy, and spending time together.

These bowls were so important to me when I designed them that I named them The Rosanna Bowls, as a play on my name, Rosanna Bowles.  They are my go-to bowl in my own kitchen, and over the past few years have been brought back season after season due to their popularity.    

So as fall signals a return to our daily rituals of work and school, let it also signal a time for new and continued family traditions.  You can make every day special by starting your own family traditions today!

Note:  If you’d like to try my mother’s delicious Lentil Soup, you can find it on page 131 of my book, Coming Home: A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions.  Also, my Homemade Popcorn in a Pan recipe can be found on page 49.

If you'd like to find out more about my Comfort Food & Rosanna Bowls, as well as tips for creating family traditions, visit Rosanna TV: Episode 1, on my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/RosannasTable.

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