Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Mirrors Art Mirrors Life

Earlier this week I was contacted by a creative food artist who calls herself "Fairly Odd Mother".  She had an ambitious idea that really sparked my imagination, to replicate my Tea For Me, Too teaset using food.  I'm always one to foster creativity, and I was very interested in how my colorful stoneware mini tea set would translate into an edible food medium.

She posted her creation on her blog yesterday, and the result is certainly something that I had to write about.  Using everything from ice cream cones to chocolate, and fondant to gum paste, her interpretation of Tea For Me, Too is spot on.

Read about the creation of the Fairly Odd Mother's Tea For Me Too set at her Once Upon A Pedestal blog.

Creativity is something that sometimes lacks in this automated world that we live in.  With computers performing complex algorhythms, programs that auto-correct, and a barrage of mindless entertainment being thrown at us, we move along in this fast-paced world sometimes jumping from one thing to the next.  When we slow down, connect with the present, and live mindfully, our minds open and our creative spirit is allowed to grow.

The Fairly Odd Mother is a great example of this.  Take a look at her enthusiastic description of the process on her blog at Once Upon A Pedestal.  I'm confident that it will put a smile on your face, just as it did mine.

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