Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make a Place Your Own

I'm partnering with my friends over at Family Eats again! Be sure to check out their post on creating delicious, healthy meals and snacks while on the road this summer here.


All of us want a "home away from home," like a great cafe, restaurant, or bar, where we can go on a regular basis and be recognized and appreciated - and of course, enjoy fabulous food and drink! Here are some tips for finding your own special spot.

  • Find a place relatively close to home. Easy access is the key to frequent visits and quick bonding with the waiters and owners.
  • Pick a place that makes something you simply love to eat, something you couldn't replicate at home. When you pick a place, choose somewhere that offers an experience that is truly special and unique.
strawberry tartsandwich

  • Select a place that makes you feel instantly at home. Seek out a space with an ambiance that invites you in and soothes your psyche, a place that makes you feel calm, safe, and welcome. You'll know when you've found the right place because it will feel like sinking into a big overstuffed club chair with a relived "ahhhhh."
  • Finally, and most importantly, pick a place that makes you feel special and appreciated as soon as you walk through the door. Make sure the waiters and chefs take notice of you, and show them your appreciate with a warm greeting. Reaching out yourself does wonders for inspiring a welcome filled with warmth and hospitality.


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