Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Night with the Girls

One evening, my eldest daughter Alessandra and her friends inited me along to a late-night movie. I balked, saying I could never stay up that late. "Come on, Mom, it'll be fun!" my daughter said as she handed me a cup of espresso. I downed the shot, and before I knew it I was out the door on the way to the movies. When we arrived at the theatre we were greeted by a large group of lovely twenty-year-old women. And my daughter was right; it was great fun.

As we walked out of the theatre, those twenty-year-olds were greeted by a group of young men who happened to be passing by. Much to my embarrassment, but not surprisingly, they became interested in the group of beautiful young women. My three extra decades of life experience inspired me to duck into a doorway to watch the scene play out in front of me. I enjoyed watching the interactions among these smart women and men as much as I'd enjoyed the movie, even if it was from behind a pair of Ray-Bans on a dark night.

If you're fortunate enough to be invited on an outing by your children, by all means go. It's an exciting experience to be a party of this new world, even if just for an evening. Observe and enjoy your child as a young adult. You might learn something about yourself and the new generation emerging.

If you're stumped about what movie to see, why not try the latest iteration of The Great Gatsby from director Baz Luhrman? We here at the Rosanna office are really excited about the film and love the look of it! One of our new collections for Holiday 2013 includes Luxe Moderne, our take on Art Deco!

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