Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Things To Do With A Compote

One of the most beloved product groups at Rosanna is the compote, and with good reason! They are great for adding something extra to dessert table or displaying your favorite treat in. But the possibilities for this darling vessel don't end there.

1. Keep your soap off the sink counters.

Les Petite Sweets Large Compote and Farm Belle Soap

2. Use as a bud vase to arrange small flowers.
3. Keep condiments tidy.

Les Petite Sweets Medium Compote

4. Use to store small living room accessories such as matches.
5. Display fresh fruit and veggies stylishly.

Decor Bon Bon Footed Square Bowl and La Patisserie Footed Bowl

6. Keep on the counter and use as salt and pepper cellars when cooking.
7. Use to set out hot bread and biscuits for family meals.

Decor Bon Bon Footed Round Bowl
8. Organize jewelry.

Les Petite Sweets Small Compote

9. Keep rubber bands, staples, pins, and other small office items organized.
10. Coral your beauty items.

La Patisserie Footed Bowl

How do you use your compotes? Let me know in the comments!

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