Monday, November 11, 2013

Saluting Our Vets

Happy Veteran's Day!

With so much gratitude and respect, we thank all American servicemen and women (past and present) for their sacrifices and services!

During our recent Freebie Friday Giveaway on Facebook, we asked our friends to share stories of their favorite veterans.  We were so touched by their tributes and wanted to share some with you today. 

"My favorite serviceman is my 90 year old father. A World War II army scout. He endured a very long, cold winter in Europe during the war. He stuffed hay in his shoes to keep his feet warm and never took them off for three months! Food was also scarce that winter. I'm his caretaker now. Whenever I get discouraged, I remember all that he endured and realize my service to him is a small pittance to pay in return for what he gave his country."- Dawn

"My favorite vet is my one and only love, my husband. He served over six years and went on two deployments: Iraq and Afghanistan. He missed the majority of my pregnancy with our first baby- he came home on his R&R and 10 hours later I went in to labor! He was here to see her come into this world! It was so special!!! I knew it was what he needed to enlighten his world in order to soldier up, leave us and complete his tour for five more months!" - Andrea

My favorite serviceman is my husband. He's a USMC Veteran and my hero. I'm so very proud of him and his service to our country. We celebrated Marine Corps Birthday yesterday with a custom made cake I had made for him with the Marine Corps logo (eagle, globe and anchor) AND we celebrated our dog's birthday too as they both fall on the same day....Semper Fido!  Today my husband & I will celebrate Veteran's Day by thanking all those that have served." - Phyllis

"Normally I spend Veteran's Day with my sweetheart celebrating his service but this year we are home with our 1 week old celebrating our family that all veterans fight to protect!"- Heather

"So many vets in my life -- both of my grandfathers in WWII, my father in law in Vietnam, my brother-in-law stationed in Italy now, my sister in law, and many cousins. I can't choose a favorite from this list!"- Gina

"My dad is my fave vet." - Donna

 "I don't have one. I am thankful for all our service men and women. Hope everyone comes home soon to their love one's." - William

Wishing all our Vets, Servicemen and Women and their Families very Happy Holidays!

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