Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bedroom Shrines

One of the most soulful ways I know to make a room feel like a sanctuary for oneself is to create a shrine or altar. A shrine doesn’t need to be religious. Rather, it can be a little place you make that honors who or what you love, and gives you strength and inspiration.

The shrine I made in my own bedroom is a homage to my mother, whom I adored and is no longer alive. The little collection of objects and photographs I’ve assembled helps me feel connected to my mother everyday.

In making your own shrine, gather objects that speak to you. These could be mementos, trinkets, or objects you’ve collected in nature—rocks, shells, flowers, and seeds.

Gather objects that come from places from which you draw strength or are special to you. For me, that place is a town on the Oregon Coast, where my parents used to take our family on vacation when I was a little girl.

Whether or not your shrine includes religious iconography is up to you; the important thing is to create your shrine with objects that hold personal meaning that remind you of who you are and what you value every time you see them. 


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