Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Host a Spooktacular Halloween Dessert Party!

If you're considering throwing a Halloween Bash, I'd recommend skipping the hectic dinner feast and throwing a frightenedly festive dessert party instead!  Not only will you save yourself the expense of serving a whole dinner, but you'll save time as well. Make some memorable Halloween treats and everyone will be begging you to host again next year.

Tips For Planning Your Party:

Who: Invite Friends, Family and Neighbors
What: Offer scrumptious treats that go beyond the usual Trick or Treat candies. (See ideas below.) Go all out and decorate your table with spooky Halloween-themed accessories--skulls, cauldrons, witches, spiders, ghosts and goblins. 
When: After dinnertime, so guests can stop by for a sweet treat, or in the afternoon for some midday delights
Where: Your own home, in the dining room or other room that can easily accommodate a dessert buffet table
Why: It’s fun, easy and a great way to reconnect with family, friends and neighbor

Boo-tiful Dessert Ideas:

Our Halloween dessert table features devilishly delicious desserts from Sprinkles and Sweets, a Seattle family-owned business that specializes in cupcakes, cakes and specialty desserts. (Photos by Nazra Knutsen.)

Our Halloween Dessert Table 

For our tablescape, we add black and white for sophisticated chic and elegance and a little spookiness. Our Rococo Noir Pedestals, Black Dauphine Candlesticks and, Large White Pedestal make the perfect stands for the spider cake, cookies and candied apples. For a pop of color, we placed included orange candlesticks and an orange runner. 

When planning a dessert table, remember… sometimes less is more! Start out by choosing the backdrop and linens first.  Be careful not to linens and decorations something that are too busy or that will clash with the simple elegance of your desserts.  Once you have decided your color scheme, lay it out and don’t be afraid to add multiple linens and layers. 

Then select desserts that complement your cake stands and pedestals. For the medium Rococo Noir Pedestalwe selected the spooktacular white spider cake.  For the other two Rococo Noir Pedestals, we choose cookies decorated with orange and purple to add a splash of color.   

Spider Cake on Medium Rococo Noir Pedestal
I love how simple, yet effective this cake is!  To make a spider cake yourself, just choose your favorite cake recipe and cover it with white frosting. It could be a carrot cake or even a red velvet cake… just be sure to cover it completely with a smooth layer of white frosting before setting the spiders. 

To make the spiders, you can either buy small plastic spiders at your local craft or cake store or make them yourself using basic modeling chocolate. Eeeww!

Pumpkin Cookies on our Small Rococo Noir Pedestal
These Pumpkin Cookies sugar cookies are decorated with Royal icing in orange, purple, white and black accent for the leaves.

Spiral Halloween Cookies on our Large Rococo Noir Pedestal - (Recipe Below)
Tips: Make sure the dough is properly chilled before working with it. When the dough is just pliable (but still cold), roll up the dough (begin with the long side) like a jellyroll. As you begin to roll, gently curl the edge with your fingertips so you don’t get any air pockets as you roll dough into a log. As you roll, pinch tears together as they occur and keep rolling.And don’t be discouraged if the spirals aren’t perfect.
I hope this post gets you in the mood for Halloween and inspires your own Halloween Dessert Party!  Please post pictures of your Halloween Dessert Party on our Facebook page

Happy Halloween!


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