Friday, February 20, 2015

Host An Oscar Party At Home!

The 87th Academy Awards are Sunday night -- a good excuse to dress up, have a party and celebrate! 

Rather than bothering with h'ors d'oeuvres or a fancy dinner, why not host an easy and elegant drinks and dessert party instead.

Here are some tips to make your soiree an award-winning event:

Keep with a classic black/white/gold color palette. Find gold stars at a party store and hang them from the ceiling, accented with gold serpentine and black balloons. Red accents and desserts to pay tribute to the “red carpet.” 
Make easy desserts or buy some from your favorite bakery. 

Here's what is on our dessert table:

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting
Double Chocolate, Chocolate Brownies
Red Velvet Mini Stacked Cakes
Strawberries Dipped in White Candy Melts 

For trophy cups: Malt balls, dark chocolate covered almonds, and white chocolate dipped pretzels.

Fresh flowers are a party staple - colorful and pretty!

Cute cupcake toppers & themed-colored straws can make it extra festive!

Oscar Ballots are perfect for guessing who you think will win. Make your choices before the show starts and grade your Ballot as the show goes on. When the Oscars are over, just count to see who had the most right for the win! Award a small prize for the person who gets the most answers right, or collect a small donation from each guest and give away the pot!

These fun, free printable Oscar Ballots are from Sugar and CharmDownload 2015 Oscar Ballots HERE.

And since you'll need to toast the victors, get some prosecco, champagne or your favorite spritzer.


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  1. Awesome party!! It’s really amazing to host such a lavish party for our friends or close ones. Well, I am also thinking to plan same kind of party in this weekend. Hey, Can you recommend me some nice event locations?