Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quick and Easy Ideas for Organizing Your Craft Room Supplies!

If you're like me, your craft supplies can take over your design space. To keep your space functional and inspiring, try these creative and simple solutions using Rosanna products. Always look for new uses for old things; the possibilities are endless!

Getting organized is the key to knowing what supplies you have to work with at all times.  It's time to whip your space into shape. 
  • Neatly store your crafts supplies like washi tape, rolls of ribbon, tags and more in White Bungalow loaf pans
  • Use the collection's muffin tins to store and sort small craft supplies like buttons, brads and clips.
  • Don't forget the large lidded storage containers; stack up a few for a stylish, space-saving idea. 
  • Compotes are perfect vessels for bottled items like glitter and glue or small spools of thread.
  • Create a beautiful and functional display with spools of baker's twine by showcasing them on pedestals
  • You can never go wrong with these pretty hobnail bowls in the Farmhouse Pantry collection.

You'll be much more productive by spending a little bit of time and effort to get your supplies in order. Do you have a great way you organize your craft supplies?


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